Build personalized video exercise plans for your clients.

Cinetic lets therapists and trainers quickly create high definition exercise plans that increase their level of care and ensure patients are completing their exercise programs safely.

Learn More about Cinetic

Paper Plans Compare Paper Exercise Plans to Cinetic's High Definition Video Exercise Plans

Learn More about Cinetic

  • High Definition Exercise Videos

    Cinetic provides a higher level of client care. Utilizing easy to understand high definition videos of each exercise for your clients; the Cinetic coach does each exercise with the patient, providing encouragment and promoting proper form along the way.

  • Build Plans Like Magic

    Select the exercises you want to include, customize the repetitions, sets, and rest periods and Cinetic builds a custom exercise video for your patient specific to your settings, and sends a notification to their inbox.

  • On-the-Go Feedback

    Feedback after each exercise lets patients give you feedback as they are doing their exercises, helping you ensure they are doing their exercises correctly and safely. This feedback will be available to you through Cinetic to review on their next visit.

  • Blazing Fast

    Cinetic’s exercise plan creation system is blazing fast, save time when creating exercise programs for your patients to take home and spend more time with your patients. Get feedback from the system to make their next visit more efficient.

  • Scheduling and Reminders

    Cinetic lets you set a sechedule for your patients. Choose how often clients should be doing their exercises, and Cinetic will remind them, to keep their recovery on track.

  • Ever Expanding Exercise Library

    Since Cinetic is web based, our library of exercises is constnatly growing. There is no need to download updates or new software, new exercises will just appear in your control panel.

Who is Cinetic For?

  • Physiotherapists

    Physiotherapists who provide at home exercise plans to patients.

  • Kinesiologists

    Kinesiologists who work with rehab patients looking to create exercise programs.

  • Massage Therapists

    Massage Therapists looking to provide added value by sending clients home with additional stretches.